The Coil Illusion

words: jon sage
vox: jon, anders
drums: mike
guitar: craig
bass: anders

2010 Thunderhose Music


The story has it that the green creature
had a bad communication problem,
with only one goal in mind-
to see the end of mankind

We all knew these dreams were just dreams
and there was no need to panic
I created the Coil Illusion
to suffer the creature into an unnatural state

If and only if it would stall this project
for one day we would have no problems for now
I will get the organization underway

They dropped a cloud of poisonous gas
The masks would not help us for now
Slowing the progress was all we had

The green eyed waxed our village
Old ground tried but could not destroy
Let us get back to the lather, to the lather!

I found the opening to this area
I shot twice with damage
We must break it down!

Our damage took course
To the underbelly of the wounded ship
The progress was turning to our advantage

Don't give up the fight,
Don't give up the fight,
Don't give up the fight,
We just might win

A shot of molten fire hit us hard
Hold on, hold on!

Some of us were injured
But not destroyed
The strength was powerful

The shots we sent
Blasted to its core

No more would we be taking prisoners

Our final decent was at its most potent

The battle is over
We have won!