Frozen Temple

words: jon sage
vox: jon
drums: mike
guitar: craig
bass: anders
sarangi: dave berner

Copyright 2011 Thunderhose Music. All rights reserved.



Her eyes remind me of the season
in the distance of her life

Someone can't believe I'm drifting
down that river flowing

I know you can be abandoned
someone said love's a season

And I know I can climb above
to make the ride a lonely

Melting the bloodline of the roses
someone said it had to be done

Rejoice in a spoken language
a language that was unknown to me

I know I had to grasp onto something
grab ahold of the morning

And I can't even move my body
my body is a frozen temple

Come on take a little ride, make a little love
make my body get groovin'

She said I can't do that no more
I can't rely on nothing

I know, crawling on the floor of reason
transformed dead a lie

I'm gonna get up comin' alive comin' back down
someone's got a story to tell