Conceived in the back seat of a '78 Coupe de Ville, the thought provoking rock ballad, "My Midget Friend" would become the crazyglue that bonds four wayward souls in eternal musical matrimony. It was the bizarre pairing of a little person and his full-sized, outlaw compatriot, that gave life to the well oiled music machine that is Thunderhose. It was the beginning of the beginning.

With a blend of authentic hard hitting rock n' roll, easy-listening rock ballads and mind melting heavy metal, Thunderhose strives to bring its fans the most inimitable music that human eardrums can handle.

Jon Sage (vocals and words)
Often referred to as a functioning "Rainman"
, Jon's god given combination of lyrical aptitude and versatile "golden" larynx is the literal voice of Thunderhose. Jon's lyrics are second to none in the world of rock n' roll (or the english speaking world for that matter), and his smooth or guttural delivery of his unique and unforgettable melodies also knows no equal. Jon is truly a gifted Master in every sense of the word.

Mike Sage (drums/backing vocals)
Sibling to Jon and a few years his senior, Mike keeps Thunderhose on the grid. His drumming style has been described as no-nonsense, straight-up, in-your-face, kick-your-ass, rock and roll drumming... "take that double-bass pedal and
jam it!" is his motto. When not drumming, Mike enjoys long walks on the beach with his illegal (and endangered) pet Gentoo penguin, "Tux", and belongs to a semi-private hot tubbing club.

Anders Lasater (guitar/bass)
A bona fide drummer by trade, Anders
put aside the sticks and picked up the strings for his role in Thunderhose. Anders' metronome like timing on drums makes his guitar and bass playing almost too good to believe. Known as "the one take wonder", Anders' approach to the harmony section is no b.s., "get 'er done", business as usual. Anders' diverse influences can be heard on the Thunderhose classics Sweet Meat and Queen of The Ocean among others. A legend in his own time.

Craig White (guitar/bass)
When not playing guitar and bass for Thunderhose, Craig enjoys reading the "classics" and
writing poetry about arctic surfing and the decline of modern civilization in countries beyond the bounds of the continental United States. Craig prefers driving guitar rhythms and hooky heavy metal riffs in his song writing. He describes his style as a hopeful mishmash of the styles of his guitar heroes, Glenn Tipton, K. K. Downing and Steve Clark. In his words: "I can't play fast, so I bend the shit out of as many notes as I can. Also, I try not to suck too bad since I can't sing or play drums." 

Endorsement Corner
Jon prefers mics that work and
owns a beautiful vintage Fender bass that he never gets to play.

Mike plays Roland Vdrums and beats them into submission with custom forged drum sticks made from petrified extinct German Samoan oxwood blended with pulverized human skull bone. Mike utilizes Addictive Drums for his killer drum sound.

Anders plays Epiphone & Squier guitars and basses. He prefers custom Thunderhose Steve Clayton picks (bitch white) and whatever strings that are in his string box.

 Craig plays Ibanez, Epiphone and Fender guitars & basses. He uses Seymour Duncan pickups in his Ibby and prefers D'Addario strings and Dunlop Ultex Sharp picks.

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