My Midget Friend

words: jon sage
vox: jon
drums: mike
guitar: anders
bass: craig

Copyright 2009 Thunderhose Music. All rights reserved.


There was a friend that I had
His name was Teddy, YEAH
Stood about four foot one
Some say he was young

He was just a baby friend
He had hard times
And every time I saw him
We always caught each other’s eye
So I say…

Me and my midget friend
Holding hands in the sun
Holding up a bank again
Lovin’ on the run
Me and my midget friend

So one day
We finally went out for the night
Lookin’ for trouble was the only thing we knew
It was fun, so fun

I’ll tell you about his little legs when he would run
Faster then a cheetah
Movin’ in the sun


Then I got news of him dyin’ 10 years ago
It was a sad time for me and my family, ya know?
He was like my right and my left arm
He was part of me
I’m gonna miss you Teddy, I sure will
He would also make me hold his hand when we crossed the road
He trusted me as I did with him


Such a sad time
But I’m looking at the positive now
I’m lookin’ for a new friend
Maybe someone smaller than him
I could carry him on my shoulders
I could show him a lot of good times
I think it will be alright?