Queen of the Ocean

words: jon sage
vox: jon
drums: mike
guitar: anders
bass: craig

Copyright 2010 Thunderhose Music. All rights reserved.



She's the queen of the ocean
She's a child of the sea
Gotta a lot of protection
That move on me

Deep below is the power
Fire and ice
Grab a hold and show her
Slave to eyes

Forward to her
Slide inside
Feel the motor
Glide its ride

She's the queen of the moonlight
Solid soul
She's a torch in the midnight
Evils glow

Gotta get the message
From the kingdom prowler
The eyes are wicked
Hell's inside her

Forward to her
Slide inside.
Feel the motor
Glide its ride

I can't stop from dreaming
I can't stop the screaming
I can't wait to feel her
When I pull her nearer